Backyard Blog Hop Winners!

All righty!  We had a total of nine entries (not counting host entry of course).  I want to thank you all SO much from the bottom of my little bitty farmin' heart for participating!  This was my first ever blog hop and I am very happy with the turnout!  I said I would pick two winners, and here they are:

Most Clicked Winner:  There were actually three that tied so I wrote these three blogger's names down on pieces of paper and drew out the name - Joanna!  Click here to check out the post Joanna shared with us - Make It Yourself: Granola!  It looks so yummy!  Be sure to give her a follow, too.  :)
Blog Host Favorite Winner:  There were so many wonderful posts that this was quite difficult!!  However, Donna's entry from Our Forest Haven (click here) stood out to me the most because it is SO adorable...
 photo 014blog-6_zps12923c2d.jpg 
I mean, come on!  Who can resist a goat with lipstick on his little cheek?  PRECIOUS!  Be sure to visit Our Forest Haven as well and give her a follow!

Thank you all so much, again, for participating.  Hopefully at my next blog hop I will have a button that you can post on your wall if you are a winner!  Y'all have a marvelous day!


  1. I swear I think that little white goat is related to my white schnauzer, Annabelle:))

    1. Haha! Maybe they are long lost siblings!

  2. Thanks so much Lana! :) Loved your blog hop, such a great idea!


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