Trends and Truths

I am thinking about making Wednesdays "Trends and Truths" day, where I give you a glimpse of some of my trending favorite things and give you a fact about me.  Then you can share yours!!

I have been busy trying so hard to keep my Chico going that I need a minute to just relax and write.  So here goes!

I find so many fun things on Pinterest!  Do you Pinterest?  If so, follow me over there!

< I am in love with this dress!!!  If you click here you will find a tutorial from a fellow blogger detailing how to sew it yourself.  I am hoping to buy materials soon and have my Mom help me learn to make this!  It is so simple yet sweet.  LOVE!

Pinned Image I am loving > this barn found at Morton Buildings.  I know I am dreaming big here, but why not?!


<Next up is a a food idea... since the hubby has been doing lots of grilling lately, I would love to put this together for dinner one night!  (I could do his with chicken since he is allergic to meat!)     
Winter love for the horses
Random cuteness.
          comfy setting on porch 
^Excuse me, but I want this porch furnitureLooks so comfy!

I could go on forever this way, but I'd better rein it in.  Haha!  Now for a truth about me:  We bottle-raised two deer when I was a kid!  Talk about cool and oh so fun.  These two deer were discovered when a farmer was out cutting hay.  When they reached about a year old, we took them to a wildlife refuge where they lived out the rest of their days happily with many other deer. 


  1. Cool about raising dear!! AND, I also LOVE that dress!

    1. It was a great experience... not one many get to have! And yes, that dress. I NEED it! :D


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