Restore Your Landscape For $150

Howdy Little Bitty Life followers!!

Here is our little revived abode:

There are a few improvements that we have made recently that I wanted to share with you all!  For my birthday I like to ask for something fun but practical, and for me that is my family helping revive our landscape each year.  This year we did the following:
  • Removed two unsightly, half dead holly bushes.
  • Put a rose bush in each of the empty spots where the holly bushes were removed.
  • Added a self-made fountain, tutorial here.
  • Remulched over the faded mulch from the prior year, being sure to cover thin areas with extra mulch.
All of the above was done for about $150!  Here is the cost breakdown:
  • Self made fountain:  Approximately $70
  • Mulch (Dad brought this in his truck so there was no hauling fee):  Approximately 60$
  • Two rosebushes:  Approximately 18$
  • All landscaping was done by ourselves, saving the cost of paying hundreds for someone else to do it.
As you can probably tell by the greener grass, I did wait a few weeks in between taking the before and after pics, so I had to tweak the landscape mulch a tad in the second picture to give you a more accurate example since it has faded just a little already.  Take note of the tiny little plant on each side of big row of bushes... those are the rose bushes!  They are growing fast and should have blooms before long.  They will get bigger and bigger with each year!
My beautiful new fountain!
Here are some pics of the work day we had for my birthday: 

Dad and Hubby unloading mulch.

Bro-In-Law workin' on my fountain.


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