Country Curses

Since last week I talked about the wonderful things concerning living in the country (Barnyard Blessings), this week we will talk about the not-so-great things!  You know, things like poop stuck on my shoe, grass tangled in my hair, or hay on my coat.   
Iced over water on a cold morning.
Breaking ice on a cold morning, running from bugs, grubs in the garden.  Making the decision to cull a chick.  The price of hay and corn.  Bad sparrows that chase off the bluebirds.  Feeding the animals every morning, rain or shine, cold or hot.  Cart pony running off with the cart.  Loosing cats to the unknown at night.  No neighbors around to call for help.  Horse has scours.   Deworming the dogs, cats, and chickens.  Hair on my face, lips, in my eyelashes, on my coat.  EVERYWHERE!  Dirt under my fingernails.  Tick diseases.  A sick pet or loosing a pet.  
Critters eating the chickens and stealing eggs.  Boy, it is sure a long way to town.  Need a hospital?  Be prepared to drive… a loong way!  A chick with pasty butt.  Strange sounds at night.  Horses that spook at silly things like flowers and shadows.  The smell of a fertilized hay field.  (Bla!)  Bugs, worms, and rabbits eating your garden.  Drought. 

I am sure there are lots I am forgetting…. can you think of any cons to country living?  I am sure you can!


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