Topknot Progress and Farm Happenings

Howdy Little Bitty Life readers!  

It's time for a Little Bitty Farm update!  Things have been really hoppin' around here lately.  Our chicks are growing like crazy.  The Spitzhaubens and Cochins look beautiful and the meat chickens are putting on more weight every day.  

For my birthday recently, my family got together and made me a couple of things.  First off is this new coop for meat chickens which I can pull around on the ground so the chickens can eat the grass.  My dad made this for me out of scrap materials!  I think it looks great.

Also for my birthday my family bought me the supplies and put together this fountain.  I will do an updated landscape blog post next week hopefully!

I have been working a lot with Bill lately.  He has been doing pretty well so far!  I am hoping he continues to improve and learns to trust me more and more.  

On a sad note, unfortunately we lost one of our very good laying hens, I suspect to a hawk or something similar.  She did not come up to the coop last night.  This is an unfortunate part of allowing our laying chickens to be free range!  But I wouldn't have it any other way.  However, this puts us in quite a bind as now we have four full grown roosters and only one laying hen until the babies get big enough to lay.  According to what I understand, hens don't start laying until they are six months old, so we still have a good four months at least before our current babies start laying!  So I am wanting to buy a single laying hen and either sell a few roosters or eat them for dinner.  One way or the other, this many roosters is not going to work!
Too many roosters!
I was also worried that our bluebird couple had been chased off by sparrows as I had not seen them in a few days.  But to my great relief, I saw a male bluebird just this morning perched on the fence!  So glad they are still around. 

Whew!  We've been busy.  It looks like there is a storm moving in, pushing a cold front through the area so I will have to cover things up for the next couple of nights.  I'm hoping I don't loose any of my plants or flowers!  

Take care y'all and don't forget to freeze proof if temps where you are get low tonight!  


  1. I love, love the coop for the meaties!!! I really need one like it for our broilers lol. And I'm so sorry about the loss of your hen :(

    1. Thank you, Shell! She was such a good girl... she will be sorely missed! I am loving the new coop too - it has been just the thing for my meat chickens and in the future I can also use it to introduce new chickens into my flock. It is safe to say I will get lots of good use out of it! :)

  2. Love the hens! so sorry about your loss tho. x

  3. Thanks, I appreciate you condolences. :)

  4. Beautiful pictures. I'm sorry for your loss of the hen. Bill is a real cutie. Is he neutered? Mine is a stud still, so he has his moments ;)

  5. Yup, Bill is a gelding! He is a precious boy, just so shy and untrusting! I am working hard to change his mind about humans though. :D


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