It's Time To Get Uncomfortable

Today is Sunday.  And 'round here, on "Sundees", we head to church and give some extra time to the good Lord above.  So in that light, I wanted to show you a few simple pictures of the phlox coming up along our driveway and talk about how we can use such a simple little blessing from God to touch another life.  Maybe the thought is a little uncomfortable for you, but sometimes it is good to feel a little discomfort for yer fellow man. So today, I went down the drive and took some pictures of the phlox for you.

It's a funny thing, when I see phlox.  Ever' time I see these purty spring flowers I think of when my mother and me used to take them in a vase to an older lady in the hospital (who has since passed on).  And so nowadays when I see phlox, I start thinking... who can I take these to?  Who needs these? 

Somewhere, near you, there is a quiet old woman or man in a nursing home or hospital.  She wants to be home, he wants to hear the sounds of freedom, she wants to smell sweet flowers such as these.  So get out of your comfort zone today, and start getting in a place that is sometimes uncomfortable.  Pick flowers from your yard or ones you have grown, or make something, or even buy just a little something special if you have nothing else to give.  And then, do just that - GIVE!!  Bring life to the eyes of someone dying, and hope to the hopeless.  Don't be a knot on a log, only focused on yourself and the trials you are going through!  Seek to be the caliber of human being that reaches out, beyond his or her own circle of friends, and touch someone's life with kindness. 

Allow others to see Christ in you.  Take the road less traveled, and be a servant.


  1. I would just add: don't let not having anything to take keep you from just going to visit someone who is lonely. They always enjoy the little tokens, but the blessing of a friendly face is more treasured and everyone loves that.

    1. Yes, quite true! Just a smiling face can be worth far more than any flower or gift.


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