Topknot Update and Happy Easter!

Hello to all my lovely followers!

Firstly, I hope you all had a marvelous Easter holiday!  It just so happened that my birthday fell on Easter this year, so that was fun.  We actually celebrated on Saturday and my family helped me re-do a lot of my landscaping so I will have before and after pictures of that coming soon!  
Me and my sister on Easter day!

Topknot Update - 5 weeks!

 (Click this link for last week's topknot pictures.) 
They are getting so big...

Just gorgeous!

The chicks are hardly chicks anymore!  They are growing so fast.. it is crazy.  The meat chickens look bigger with every morning I go to check on them.  On the picture on the left, you can see how huge the meat chickens are compared to the others!  Then on the right is a picture of a Golden-Laced Cochin's colors coming in vibrantly. 

As you can see, things are starting to green up: 
Last week.

Have a marvelous day, everyone! 


  1. Happy belated Birthday! Love the Easter dresses!


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