Barnyard Update

Lots going on right now so I haven't been able to post much.  First, Mrs. Potts was sighted again today!  She left so quickly I wasn't able to grab the camera, but I was very glad to see even a small glimpse of her.  I had not seen her since the thunderstorm we had Saturday night!  But now I know she is well, and we should have chicks the next 5-7 days!!

This morning the clouds were rolling through, so I captured this shot from the window for you all.

Siri and Aura say hello!

Chico is very sick right now and we are afraid he may not make it.  I am doing everything I know to do to make him better.  I hope to give you a positive update on him in the next few days.  My fingers are crossed for him to get better SOON!  It is no fun having a sick animal, but it is part of life in the country with pets. 

Hope you all are having a marvelous Tuesday! 


  1. Praying Chico comes through... Anxiously awaiting what Mrs. Potts has in store for everyone!


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