Meet Bill!

Bill and Swizzy.
Usually it is on Wednesdays that you get to meet another one of the critters, but this week has been pretty crazy so on this lovely Friday you get to meet Bill! Our sweet but shy little cart pony.

Bill came to us only about seven months ago, in September.  He came complete with harness, cart and his sweet little self for a great price!  I had been wanting a horse for quite some time but when I saw little Bill, I knew he was the right choice for us.  Tiny ponies like him eat very little compared to a big horse, and considering our strict budget he was the best of both worlds.

Age:  When we bought Bill in September, they told us he was about seven years old.

About:  Bill is pretty shy.  We don't know exactly what his life was like before he came to us so we have no way of knowing why he gets nervous when people approach him.  However, day by day I work patiently with him, waiting for him to learn to trust me.  I see improvements every day which is always encouraging!  Just today we did some ground driving on both walk and trot and he did beautifully!  This is wonderful considering right after we bought Bill he had a run away cart accident.  We are working up slowly to teaching Bill to accept a cart and driver again and have stopped using the heavy collar harness he was sold to us with.  Bill LOVES to be kissed and hugged on and he is never mouthy like some small ponies can be.

Favorite thing to do:  EAT!  Hay but especially green grass.
Pony nose!

Horsie drama:  Bill loves pretty much all the animals but like the dogs, he HATES Mr. Squirrel.  I have seen Bill chase Mr. Squirrel away on several occasions!  I am not sure what is so loathsome about Mr. Squirrel, but it must be something awful!  
Me and Bill
My sister and Bill


  1. awww...Bill seems like the sweetest horse!


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