Mrs. Potts

I wanted to do an early "Meet the Animals" post this week because I have a bit of a special surprise!
Mrs. Potts came up for lunch today!

A few posts back, I wrote about loosing one of my little hens and how I would dearly miss her.  Well just imagine my surprise when she showed back up at around noon just a few days ago, and then again today!  It is all starting to come in very clear.

You see, a few weeks ago I noticed one of the hens kept laying in the corner of the coop, trying to hide her eggs from me in a deep hole made of pine shavings.  But I took them in, knowing we already have plenty of chicks.  Well Mrs. Potts (as she has recently been dubbed) wouldn't have it!  I guess she decided to move her nest somewhere into the woods and raise her babies away from human interference.  So now I have come to understand that Mrs. Potts has simply gone broody and is sitting on a nest somewhere out there in the great big forest, fully of scary things.  It has me worried, I will admit, but she seems to be getting along okay so far.  She went missing at first just about a week ago.  Since chicks usually take 21 days to hatch, we have (I am guessing) about two weeks to go if all goes well.  I will be keeping an eye out for her and let you guys know when the big day comes!  Bantam chicks are pretty much the cutest thing ever. 


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