2013 Roses, First Blooms

As promised, here are some shots of my roses that are just coming in bloom.  A few bushes have not bloomed quite yet, so I am excited to see how those turn out!  They are the ones we planted next to the house this year.  It came to my attention while I was out poking around the rose bushes that we have a problem with aphids.  So hopefully I will be able to treat them soon before they eat away all the beautiful blooms!  Stinkin' pests.  Makes me mad!

Okay, here goes!  The 2013 Little Bitty Farm rose line up:


  1. Your roses are absolutely gorgeous!

  2. Oh I love the yellow one!

  3. Thanks, ladies! I'd better get some 7 dust on them or they won't be pretty for too long! The bugs are awful this year. :(

  4. I've had problems with aphids too out here in TX. I'm a newbie to gardening. Thought the white flies were cool at first until my plants started to die :(. Lessons learned! I LOVE the yellow rose too :). Thanks for sharing them with us @ MY Favorite Posts SHOW OFF Weekend Blog Party!

    The Wondering Brain


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