Trends and Truths

It's Trends and Truths Wednesday!  Currently SPRING is trending around here, so I wanted to share a few photos taken just after a nice spring rain a couple of days ago.  Hubby took most of these lovely photos! 
This is called Spiderwort.
Siri all wet haha!

Lovely moss!

Dogwood blooms!
Rain drops.

Fallen Dogwood bloom. 
Exploring the woods.
Just walkin'
After our lovely walk, I took a few Dogwood blooms (yes it is legal, they are our own trees on our own land) and some of the Spiderwort to make this lovely arrangement!  It has lasted really well.  

And as for truth?  Hmm.... we are seriously considering buying some goslings SOON!  Exciting, huh?!


  1. Love your beautiful spring photos! So glad spring has finally sprung!

    1. Me too! It seems like it took long enough haha!


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