Gypsy Goes on an Adventure and Photo Shoot Fail

It seems like someone is always getting to go outside for the first time around here!  Before it was the chickens, then the goslings.  Well the past few days it has been Gypsy!  She has shown quite an interest in wanting to go outside.  The first day or two were for very short periods so that I can acclimate her gently.  She looked a little tense at times:
Sensation overload...
But before long, she really started loving it.  Jake and Arwen are excellent with cats, and as you can see their first meeting went quite well.
"Please don't scratch me like Aura does..."

"Why does she look so poofy?"  "She is trying to scare us..."
As I watched Gypsy outdoors, she gave me an idea.  I saw her smelling the flowers...
And thought it would be cute to get a decent shot of her smelling them.  Well, she didn't feel like cooperating so I moved on to the chickens.  Clearly, they thought the flower was completely terrifying and potentially life-threatening...
"Oh dear me!  What is this evil contraption?!  Will it ruin my hairdo?"

"Get behind me, kids!  It might eat try to one of us!"
So then I tried the doggies.  Jake just really wanted to eat the flower...
I would tell him, "No Bobo!  You shouldn't eat it!"  And he would saunter off, his feelings all hurt.  So I'd coax him back.  I FINALLY got a decent shot...
Goodness me, that was more work than I bargained for! 
Oh, one last thing that made me laugh.  See this sad, forlorned look Bill gives me through the trees when I go out to pull him off the pasture??
"Gee Ma, can't I stay a few more minutes?"
What a little drama pony!  Haha!  Oh I love my fur babies.  Hope you all have a LOVELY Friday!  Woohoo!! 


  1. Love all the names. Do we have a Tolkien fan among us? :) I found your blog from Our Forest Haven (donna). I am so happy for her! Anyway, good post on all the animals. :)

    1. Oh you bet!! LOTR is what got be through my high school years! Thanks so much for stopping by. I am so happy for Donna, too!

  2. Those chickens looks absolutely terrified! I so enjoy watching chickens. Can't wait until our little bundles arrive.

    1. Oh they are so much fun. I really love having them! I'll never look back... they are so addicting. :)

  3. Everyone is always asking me if I got pictures, when I talk about all of my fur buddies! People don't realize how hard it is to sometimes get pictures of animals!!! lol Love yours!!!

    1. It is tough sometimes, but I have learned to keep the ol' camera around as much as possible! If it ever gets damaged or broken, I'll be doomed! ;)

  4. Awww adorable pictures!! I've had to send my cameras in to get fixed a lot. When my Canon G10 had a major lens problem I almost died - had my old camera but I couldn't deal with how old it was LOL. So we bought a G12 - and now when it needs repair, I use the G10. My biggest problem is keeping dirt outta the inside of the lens because it goes in the bush with me so much, it gets a lot of fine sand in it - always in spring. :) Gotta have a back up!

  5. Even if you didn't get the one picture you wanted, you did get lots of great pictures! I love your chickens and their wild 'hair'.

  6. Awww... That's whyu I wouldn't mind animals running around! Thanks for sharing with us @ My Favorite Posts SHOW OFF Weekend Blog Party :)

    The Wondering Brain


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