When Chicks Become Chickens...

Well, the Appenzellar Spitzhaubens and the Cochins are now about 10 weeks old.  It is high time for them to move to the great outdoors!  Today was a great big day for them:

 As soon as they hit the ground, it was clear that they loved it!  They started scratchin' and peckin' around and flopping their wings.  Of course, Mr. Petrie got his bluff in early (he's a great lead rooster).  He stretched his wings out and made himself look oh-so impressive.  Haha!  I wish I could have gotten better pictures, but all I got was this one where he is eying the newcomers:
"Scuze me.  I'm tha boss 'round here."
For the most part, the bantams are acting snobby and keeping to themselves.  But they should establish who is who in the new flock soon.  For a few weeks, they won't be free range so that the Spitz's and Cochins get used to sleeping in the chicken house at night, being outside, and until they get a bit biggerThey are going to love the bug buffet when it comes time to be free range though!  That is another reason I just love my chickens.  :)
"We don't associate with teenagers."
 Meanwhile, Gyppie watches closely from the window at all the goings-on outside.  
"Those are rather odd looking birds..."
 And she is LOVING her new catnip plant!
"Weeee!  Catnip!!"
 And getting tons of snuggles.  Everyone who meets her loves her!  She blossoms more and more every day as she becomes more comfortable in her new home.  I especially love how talkative she is!  It is adorable. 
"Oh yeah.  Life is good."
Have a lovely day, my kind followers!


  1. I never thought about the transition chicks have to make to become chickens! I know I've already said it, but Gyppie is beautiful! I bet she is so glad to have a forever home now.

  2. Love the pictures, everyone does indeed look very happy! :)

  3. "We don't associate with teenagers." Love it!

  4. Thanks for your comments ladies!! Y'all are awesome. :)


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