Whew... Busy!!

Things have been staying pretty busy around here lately, which I don't mind at all.  But sometimes it can be hard to find a minute to take pictures and post them!

 For starters, Mrs. Potts and family look like they are doing well.  I decided to let them outside today since it has been so warm!  She beat up on the juveniles a few times, but soon enough they got the idea to stay away.
Also, I listed my three roosters for sale some time ago since goodness knows I have too many!  I had a lady call yesterday wanting to buy them and she should be coming to get them this evening.  It will be great to free up some space in the main coop and give my poor hen a bit of a break. 
Catching these three fellas was... interesting.  Haha!  They are not tame like my hand-raised babies.  The first two came pretty easy, but one had flown out of the main coop and had roosted on top of the coop. I got on a ladder to get him, but in the meantime he spooked and flew off out into the woods.  We searched and searched to no avail.  I knew in the morning he would show back up, and he did.  So I put some feed out in the coop and in he went where I was able to nab him.  They are waiting now in a holding area to be taken away.  I am ready to be rid of these fellas, they have been here for far too long!  I just hope they don't give me too much trouble when I go to get them out of the holding pen.  It should be an interesting evening, for sure.  


  1. Hope you didn't have too hard a time hauling those roosters out! Hope the lady came and got them :)


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