Sick day, chicken chase, and hungry kitties.

I should have known when I was feeling extremely tired the past couple of days that some kind of bug was settling in, but instead I ignored it.  I spent yesterday evening with chills, body aches, and a fever.  I seem to be better this morning, but I am going to try and take it easy because I can tell it is not quite gone yet, and I am still running a low grade fever.  Oh yay!  Haha.

So long my troublesome trio!
Oh! We got our roosters sold the other day.  Yay!  However, unfortunately, it was not a trouble-free transaction...

We had this  really sweet lady come to get the three bantam roosters. Well, they were raised by a wild hen and so they aren't too crazy about people... I think I established this in a past post. So I had put them in a holding area in the garage so I could catch them easier when she came.  So in we go to the garage, she sees the roosters and loves them and pays us, then we proceed to catch the little beggars and put them in her cage.  I tried to explain to hubby to keep the lid shut while I stuck my head in to grab the roosters, but in the mix of things they got to squabbling and out they went - one, two, three flying all over the place. Feathers. Squawking. Me red-faced. A troubled "Oh. Oh dear" from my chicken purchaser. But the sweet lady was so understanding and said to just take our time, that she could come back later that night or in the morning. After she left, we laid down the chicken law and slipped and slid all over that garage until we caught them.  One I caught up against the window, hubby captured one by running him into the cage, and I caught the last sliding across the garage floor in epic home-run style. Had to call the kind lady back, and she came and took them home. Moral of the story? Thank the good Lord for kind, sweet, understanding chicken folk!!!! Especially when dealing with numbskull newbies like me. Haha!
THANK GOODNESS that is over with!  How embarrassing.  But pretty sure that is why I have a blog... because I notoriously get involved in things that are embarrassing.   
Anyhow, on to better things.  Siri and Gyppie are getting along better every day... this is tough for Siri because she is every bit the Queenly Calico as could possibly be imagined.  But they are starting to think about playing with each other even, so I think things are going quite well.  I decided to give them a special treat:
"Did someone say TREAT?!"
You can see what Siri thinks of it:
"Um.  That is mine."

"This cramps my style."

She kept moving her food away... it was so funny!
We sure are loving our new girl, Gyppie. Did I mention she is the Queen of All Fly Killers?  It is pretty amazing to watch her work.  And she already comes to her name... I have never seen a cat do that, especially so quick!  She has really come out of her shell and spends most of her time looking out windows.  What a gem we found!  Love her.  
 Have a lovely Friday, all!


  1. Hahaha! I can completely picture the chicken escapade. We've done the same thing, except with pigs, every year when it's time for butchering. The real pig farmers stand by and watch us about kill ourselves trying to corral 300 pound pigs. Eventually, the real farmers realize we are completely inept and jump in to help.
    I can't catch a chicken, either, so you're a better farmer than me!

    1. Haha you have no idea what a comfort it is to know I am not alone lol! Glad you have a story, too. :D

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks so much, Talya!! I am feeling okay, trying to take it easy but it is so pretty outside and that makes it tough. :)

  3. I literally laughed out loud! :)


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